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probset1_11 - Chemistry 21b Problem set 1 Out 05 January...

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Chemistry 21b Problem set # 1 Out: 05 January 2011 Due: 12 January 2011 Please note the following: (a) Completed assignments should be turned in NO LATER THAN 5 PM to either the appropriate TA’s or the instructor’s mailboxes on the due date. You will lose 20% of your actual grade for everyday for which your assignment is late. After five days your assignment would still be graded but you will receive no credit. So, please discuss any need for an extension with one of us in advance, and remember that 1/3 of your final grade will be based on these assignments. Problems are worth: 1=30, 2=30, 3=40. (b) Collaboration is permitted within the guidelines posted on the Ch21b Problem Sets page, but please try and use your own words when you are explaining your solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you find ambiguities. Corrections or clarifications will be posted to the Ch21b web pages, as will the solution sets once all the assignments are turned in and graded.
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