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Quiz 1 - Chem 4119 Quiz 1 Grubbs/Stoltz Winter 201 1 You...

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Unformatted text preview: Chem 4119 Quiz 1 Grubbs/Stoltz, Winter 201 1 January 14, 2011 You have 25 min to take this quiz. It is closed note, closed book, and no collaboration is allowed. Please do not discuss the quiz with anyone until you receive it back graded. Place a box around your answers. There is no partial credit. 1. In the following reactions, indicate in the box following the equation if the transformation represents a reduction, oxidation or substitution reaction base on the change in oxidations state of the Carbons. CHQI—"CH2 W CH3CH20H CH3| ——————"—"" CH3OH CH3C| ————-—-——-—* CH2C|2 CH3CI ....._...__... CH3N02 OH OH 2.What are the two main features of a bond that determines the wave number for the bond stretch in the infrared associated with that bond? 3.. What element is present in a compound that shows the following mass spectrum? M M+2 M+1 ...
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