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Exam4review - A&P Lecture Exam 4(Chapter 10-11 Chapter 10...

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A&P Lecture Exam # 4(Chapter 10-11) Chapter 10 Muscle Tissue 1. Specify the functions of skeletal muscle tissue. Six maojor function . 2. Describe the organization of muscle at the tissue level. Fascicle, tendon, 3. Explain the characteristics of skeletal muscle fibers, and identify the structural components of a sarcomere . Sarcoplastic reticulum(SR); T tube; Triad, Sarcomere (A band ;I band; M line; Z line), Sarcomere shorten -----muscle fiber shorten, Page 283 Figure 10-3 The structure of a skeleton muscle fiber. 4. Identify the components of the neuromuscular junction, and summarize the events involved in the neural control of skeletal muscle contraction and relaxation. Describe neuromuscular junction; neurotransmitter (Ach) ; AchE; Ca 2+ release 5. Describe the mechanisms by which muscle fibers obtain the energy to power contractions. Chapter 11 Muscular System 1. Describe the arrangement of fascicles in the various types of muscles, and explain the resulting functional differences. Page 323 2. Describe the classes of levers, and explain how they make muscles more efficient.
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