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Vertebrate(Lecture ppt) Ch 9-3 - THE EMBL REPTILE DATABASE...

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: LCA Turtles and birds ( link ). Range: from the Late Carboniferous . Phylogeny: Sauropsida : Mesosauridae + *: Anapsida + Eureptilia . Characters: Tabular small or absent; large posttemporal fenestra; suborbital foramen (small hole near the lateral edge of palate, between the pterygoid, palatine, and ectopterygoid or jugal, when ectopterygoid absent); supraoccipital plate narrow. Links: Class Reptilia
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Unformatted text preview: ; THE EMBL REPTILE DATABASE ; Reptilia - Suite101.com ; Introduction to the Diapsids ; Reptilia Characteristics ; Reptilia (Reptiles) ; Nuova pagina 1 ; BIOSIS | Resource Guide | Reptilia ; Class Reptilia ; Reptiles ; Phylogeny and Classification of Amniotes ; Photogallery: Reptilia \ Amphibia . ATW020623. Reptilia 凸凸 凸 凸 凸 凸凸凸 凸凸 凸凸 凸凸凸...
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