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Unformatted text preview: UTSC – MGT B05 – 2011 Fall - Case Assignment 1 Due Date: October 4 th , 5 th and 6 th (during your regular class time) Hand-in Procedures: Please refer to Page 6 of the course outline regarding the submission format. Please note that each case should be typed, 1½ spaced on letter-size paper using one-inch margins, maximum length is 2 pages (approximately 400 words), exclusive of tables, appendices and references and 12-point Times New Roman font or equivalent. A coloured cover sheet (letter-size) must be attached at the front of each assignment, showing your name as per ROSI (underline last name) and student number, course code (MGTB05) and section number (your section #). The colour of the cover sheet should correspond with the first letter of your surname as follows: RED – A to D BLUE – E to L YELLOW – M to S GREEN – T to Z Question: Refer to Question CP 3-5 (Page 157 of Libby Textbook) Tom Martinez started and incorporated a small boat repair service company during 2012 and has...
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