Course Syllabus - MGTB05H3 F Financial Accounting I 2011...

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Management, 1265 Military Trail, Toronto, ON, M1C 1A4, Canada 1 MGTB05H3 F Financial Accounting I 2011 Fall Session 1. Instructors: L06 & L30 Mr. Douglas Kong Telephone: (416) 208-2694 Office: IC362 E-Mail: L02 Ms. Michelle Lum Telephone: TBD Office: IC269 E-Mail: L03 Ms. Julie McDonald Telephone: TBD Office: IC269 E-Mail: L01 L04 & L05 Mr. George Quan Fun Telephone: (416) 208-4740 Office: IC354 E-Mail: 2. C OURSE O UTLINE AND G ENERAL I NFORMATION Together with MGTB06H , this course provides a rigorous introduction to accounting techniques and principles and concepts underlying these techniques. The preparation of financial statements is addressed from the point of view of both preparers and users of financial information. The course is designed to achieve the following objectives: The student should be able to: 1. Prepare a set of financial statements for various public and private entities using IFRS and Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises (GAAP); 2. Analyze financial statements and financial information, using them to make effective business decisions; and, 3. Appreciate the importance of ethics in accounting. Though the courses do satisfy the requirements of the three major accounting groups in Canada for an introduction to the subject, the courses are not intended solely for professional accountancy training. They provide a better understanding and a valuable analytical tool for anyone considering a career in management.
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Management, 1265 Military Trail, Toronto, ON, M1C 1A4, Canada 2 3. Prerequisite(s): Exclusion: MGT120H, MGT220H, VPAB13H Prerequisite: MGTA02Y or [ MGTA03H & MGTA04H ]. 4. Textbook/Required Course Materials: Libby, Financial Accounting with Connect, 4th Cdn edition packaged with Lyryx Assessment, 2011, ISBN 0070898715. Please note that this textbook is also used for MGTB06 so please keep your Connect and Lyryx access card and password. Lyryx Assessment is required for MGTB05 and MGTB06. Please ensure you purchase the correct package with Lyryx at the bookstore (discounted in package). Alternatively, you can purchase Lyryx Assessment for Financial Accounting Stand Alone Access Code for $49.95 at the Bookstore front cash through the UTSC Bookstore Now-Prepay System. The ISBN is 0070007403. You are expected to have completed the assigned readings before the class session for which the items are listed. Please bring your copy of the text to all class sessions. In each chapter there are Demonstration Cases and Self-Study Questions with solutions provided. It is strongly recommended that you attempt to solve these problems before tackling some of the more complex text questions. Please see the MGTBO5 intranet for comments on text errors, etc. In addition, various cases/articles may be distributed in class. These are required readings whether or not the items are formally listed on the course outline. Suggested Other Sources:
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Course Syllabus - MGTB05H3 F Financial Accounting I 2011...

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