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Access Homework Instructions 11-11-11 - Baruch College CIS...

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Baruch College CIS 2200 Access Homework Assignment Fall 2011 Due : November 28 th , email submissions are not acceptable. If you cannot come to class that night leave it in my mailbox. I will stop by it on the 11 th floor in the CIS department before coming to class. The CIS department closes at 5 PM. Late, –5 points. After that the homework will not be acceptable as I will have already started handing out the work done by students who completed the work on time. Form : Cover sheet with name typed in upper right corner, stapled once in upper left hand corner, no binders, no plastic page inserts, portrait orientation for every page. Number each answer to correspond to the numbered questions below on the right side of the page. I do not want to have to dig for answer numbers hidden under staples. Printing in color is fine, thought you receive no extra credit or consideration for doing so. Double sided printed in encouraged, long submissions are not. Print more than one answer on a page even if it means copying and pasting. I do not want to see more than 15 pages of work submitted. Non- compliant, – 5 points Question 2 T7 pages 12 and 13 WasteNot Recycling . Data File: T7_WasteNotRecycling_Data.mdb, located on Blackboard. Label your answers as T7-W1, T7-W2 and T7-W3. Also print out the Design View for each answer. (All answers, Datasheet and Design View must be on no more than two total pages.) Regarding Question T7-W1 May Pick up Use only the Customer table Sort by Last name Write a formula in FirstPickup field
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This note was uploaded on 12/29/2011 for the course CIS 2200 taught by Professor Schor during the Spring '10 term at CUNY Baruch.

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Access Homework Instructions 11-11-11 - Baruch College CIS...

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