CIS ACTUAL FINAL QUESTIONS - 1 Number one reason IT...

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1. Number one reason IT projects fall behind schedule? [ Poor Planning or poor Project Management] 2. Influential driver for growth of outsourcing market?-----[core competencies, financial saving, rapid growth, industry changes, internet, globalization] 3. Active or passive tags for of chips or smart token? Authorization [token small devices changes password. Smart card a card with store info and small amounts of software] 4. Following new services of Business success factors? [Organization agility focus on core competencies and processes, redefine the value chain, instantaneous business response] 5. Includes variety of threats virus worms horses? [ Elevation of privilege, hoaxes, malicious codes, spoofing, spyware, sniffer, packet tampering] 6. Hackers- computer whiz that invades other peoples computers. White hat- works at request of system owner Black- hat- breaks into others system and steals or destroys info Hactivists- protesters that hack Cracker/cyberterroist- hacker with criminal intent/ and seeking to harm 7. Who works at request of owners to find business vulnerability? --- 8. Strengthen Criminal Laws against Identity Theft? [Information Security Plan] 9. Consequences of Software failure? [ Decreased revenue, Damaged Reputation, Increased Liabilities and decreased productivity.] 10. Which of the following is not a phase of SDLC? [Overall Process from planning and
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CIS ACTUAL FINAL QUESTIONS - 1 Number one reason IT...

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