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Excel Basics 2011-02-01

Excel Basics 2011-02-01 - EXCELBASICS CIS2200 Spreadsheet...

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EXCEL BASICS CIS 2200 Spreadsheet Basics: The following are some of the basic Excel features and functions that you are expected to know in order to successfully complete the assignments in this class: 1. How the Menu and Tool Bars work. 2. Displaying formulas in cells – Control, Tide (~) 3. The concept of a Table of Assumptions: 1. Exposes your work 2. Allows for easy mass changes 3. Improves accuracy. 4. The concept that you “never hide hard numbers in a spreadsheet.” (always use formulas or cell references whenever possible). 5. How to setup an Excel Workbook with multiple spreadsheets - double click on tab at bottom of spreadsheet and type in name, move by clicking on tab and dragging left or right. 6. Inserting and deleting rows and columns - click on gray area, right click mouse. 7. Formatting a cell, lines, borders and text boxes - Format/Cell/Border). 8. The difference between Clear and Delete. 9. Widening and narrowing both columns and rows - place arrow on line between row or column markers and pull left or right while holding down mouse button.
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