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Ethical leadership Final - Ethical Leadership Ethical...

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Ethical Leadership Ethical leadership promotes social responsibility as part of its corporate culture. It treats all it stakeholders with fairness, honesty, and respect at all times. Ethical leaders consider the consequences of their decisions to others, and look for ways to minimize harm. By incorporating social responsibility into the corporate culture, an organization should enjoy continued economic success. Its products and services should be well received and its reputation will promote good will, which translates into ongoing support in the community and in the marketplace. Three such organizations that promote social responsibility are PETCO, Home Depot and New Belgium Brewing Company. PETCO’s code of ethics established a corporate culture that would foster social responsibility. The code of ethics addresses all areas of organizational risks associated with “human resources, conflicts of interest, and appropriate behavior in the workplace” (Ferrell, Fraedrich, & Ferrell, 2011). The codes primary emphasis was that an “animal’s health, well
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Ethical leadership Final - Ethical Leadership Ethical...

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