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LOCAL GOVERNMENT Local Governments are municipalities agents of the State and have only those powers that the States grant to them. Local governments lack the inherent lawmaking ability. The state Constitution grants the local governments its powers. Limited powers are exercised by local governments in their territory. Local governments can be altered, contracted, expanded, or abolished by the state government at any time. States powers to govern are inherent powers. The Declaration of Independence vested full sovereign powers in each of the thirteen states. The tenth amendment has tried to give the states their sovereign powers or at least their right to govern. They are granted the right to govern their own territory. They are allowed direct democracy processes such as initiative, recall, and referendum at the state level. The Federal authority to govern comes from the Constitution. The individual states relinquished their sovereign powers to the federal government by signing the Constitution and the forming of the United States of America. The power exercised by the local government is quasi-sovereign and they gain as much power as the state government allows. The State government now has quasi-sovereign powers. Their sovereign powers were relinquished to the Federal government upon formation of the Constitution. Some powers they are allowed to make choices about are some of the following: Gambling casinos, lotteries, bonds for veteran housing, and statute. These powers contain more routine detail of a statutory nature which is not fundamental in nature. These have more direct effect on ordinary citizens and upon the ordinary operations of the
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