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W6 Assignment This week you’ll continue to work on your ‘Invention’ applying seven modes of thinking that were covered in this module. This assignment is a part of your final project. Submit your paper as a Microsoft Word document in the discussion area for this assignment by due date. Review at least one other student’s paper, and then provide comment and feedback to them in the same discussion area for this assignment. Use the exercises below and have fun. Applying Integrative Thinking to Problem-Solving Think how you can make your project successful: Applying Heuristic Thinking to Problem-Solving Pretend that you have no knowledge of the subject in issue. Pretend that you are a child. What ideas child would generate regarding your project? Applying Divergent Thinking to Problem-Solving Apply brainstorming to generate as many ideas as you can. Use the following example. Uses For. This is a simple technique that can be used for mental stimulation or practical application, depending on what you have in mind at the time. It is an excellent tool for breaking
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W6_Assignment._Strategies_of_Decision_Making - W6...

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