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HRM+Assignment - The role of HR manager is shifting from...

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The role of HR manager is shifting from that of a protector and screener to that of a planner and change agent.HR Challenges in the IT Industry include Compensation and Reward, Being the best place to work with, Coping with the Demand-Supply Gap, Integrating HR strategy with Business Strategy, Encouraging Quality and Customer focus, HR Measurement, especially in relation to business metrics, Providing workforce planning and analytics services and Enabling a strong self-learning culture, tied to innovation and engagement. Though the HR issues have more or less remained the same, the managers are feeling the impact of challenges brought about by the revamping phase in the IT industry. While earlier it was a matter of finding the suitable candidate, now the performance factor has also come into the picture. As cost cutting is the reason behind most of the decisions taken by the companies, the HR managers are also increasingly being scrutinized on the different process related issues, for instance appraisals and reward programs. Another challenge among HR professionals is career
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