Fall 2011_CS304_3 - Object Oriented Programming(CS304...

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Object Oriented Programming (CS304) Assignment No.03 Total Marks 10 Deadline Your assignment must be uploaded before or on 29 th December, 2011. Rules for Making It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if: o The assignment is submitted after due date o The assignment is copied Objectives This assignment has been designed so that you would be able to implement the concept of Inheritance in OOP. After the completion of this assignment you should have a good grasp on how to implement. o Inheritance o Using basic constructs of OOP in a program In previous assignments we have understood all the basics of the Electronic Card System including the Object Model Diagram and highlighted the Abstraction of classes in terms of attributes and functions prototype. Now it is time to implement the full system in parts, so this assignment is first step towards it (there will be one more assignment also). Object Oriented Programming (CS304) 1
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Assignment: Object Model for 3 rd assignment: In this assignment you have to code/implement the below said classes in running form these classes are, User Member Administrator Meaning after completion of this assignment your c++ program will be able to 1. Verify User() of the User class 2. Add member/ Delete member 3. Add admin/ Delete admin Object Oriented Programming (CS304) 2
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Fall 2011_CS304_3 - Object Oriented Programming(CS304...

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