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Madeline Hunter Lesson Plan Template EDU 490 Name/Teacher: Subject Area: Grade Level: Lesson Title: 1. Objectives (State the expected learner outcomes): Materials/Resources needed: 3. Anticipatory Set (Setting the Stage – “The Hook”): 4. Instructional Input (lecture, demonstration, explanation, instructions): Modeling (demonstrating the skill or competence, showing them what you tell them): Check for Understanding (Identify strategies to be used to determine if students have learned the objectives):
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Guided Practice/Monitoring (List activities which will be used to guide student practice and monitor to know if the students are learning the lesson objectives to be met): 6. Closure (What method of review and evaluation will be used by you to help the students make sense of what has just been taught): 7. Independent Practice (This can be a question for individuals or small group, seatwork, or homework. The point is to extend the lesson and to ensure they have mastered the skill without teacher assistance.):...
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