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I need homework help…listed are two questions…. answer each question 300 words and one reference for each –use the chapters for your reference. 1. Chapter two includes insightful and challenging case studies for our consideration. Our first discussion thread this week will focus upon "The Case of Ruby," which is found on p. 62 of chapter 2. The ethical challenges for Ruby are numerous, as illustrated by her self-dialogue. What do you view as the most ethical, responsible course of action for Ruby? Use material from this week's readings in support of your response. 2. It is important to recognize the implications of our personal values and how they may influence our role as human services professionals. It is necessary for us to maintain an empathetic relationship with our clients within an ethical environment free from our
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Unformatted text preview: personal bias and value systems. Oftentimes, such conflicts may be unavoidable in spite of our best efforts to avoid them. "The Case of Virginia and Tom" on p. 85 in chap. 3 gives us an insightful opportunity to explore various human services practitioner responses to Virginia and Tom. Respond to any of the three human services practitioner observations following this case study. Discuss your observations of the human services practitioner's position, consider the ethical implications of such a posture, and share your thoughts about how the human services practitioner relationship may be affected because of the human services practitioner's perspective. Include support for your commentary with at least one reference to our readings or outside research resources that you have explored this week...
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