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Jonathan Rauch Who Needs Marriage? 1. Rauch rejects a religious account of marriage, since religious doctrine has no special standing in the world of secular law and policy. A more sensible secular doctrine is needed to know who marriage is for. Marriage was once for money or arranged for example. Saying it is as it is because God wants it is not enough. 2. Love is also not a defining element of marriage, since a wife may not love their husband but they are still married to each other. Love helps make sense of marriage from an emotional point of view, but it is not terribly important. 3. Hayekian argument is that marriage is as it is and should not be tampered with. It says that even if the current rules for marriage isn’t the best they are all we have, and once you say marriage need not be male-female marriage will stop being anything at all. It is based on the idea that customs cannot be torn apart, because once its internal logic is
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Unformatted text preview: violated it falls apart. Rauch argues against it saying it is untenable in its extreme form and unhelpful n its milder version. Its extreme version would argue against freeing slaves. 4. The antigay view is the child-centered view. The problem with this view is that gay couples can have children through adoption or artificial insemination. Another problem is sterile couples. 5. Marriage is meant to tame men and keep them out of trouble. Marriage is societys first line of support for the troubled individual. Married people have someone to look after them. One of the benefits of publicly recognized marriage is that it binds couples together in the eyes of society. 6. Divorces should be hard to get, sine it is bad for children. But, it also sends the message that marriage can be a casual affair. If it is good for society to have people attached then it is not enough to just make marriage available....
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