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ENGR_160_Fall_2011_Section_E1_Prof_Alleman Class Project @ 23 August 2011 (Tuesday) Step Effort 1 Meet your new team members (NOTE: you will be told who is on your team for this effort) Teams will have 4 members each (although this may change) 2 Develop a plan for your team to determine the weight of the Marston water tower, including both the weight of the structure and assuming that its water storage tank is completely full to the bottom of the tower cap; NOTE THAT YOU NEED TO COMPLETE THIS ANALYSIS, and SUBMIT YOUR REPORT, by 10AM See the back page for an image of the tower 3 Proceed with your team-based plan You can use the web to determine the density of steel and water A number of relevant details about the tower are provided below based on Wikipedia You will need to determine the size and weight of the structural support beams, etc., etc.; see the ruler pasted to the side of the following page You will need to make several assumptions; document each such assumption in your report
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This note was uploaded on 12/30/2011 for the course ENG 160 taught by Professor J.alleman during the Fall '11 term at Iowa State.

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ClassProject - ENGR_160_Fall_2011_Section_E1_Prof_Alleman...

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