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Project 2011_10_04 – MATLAB Program Application (General analysis PLUS Image Tool) 1) Use Matlab to calculate the approximate daily water demand (in terms of both gallons and cubic meters volumes, as well as in terms of both lbs and tons mass) within the city of Ames, assuming the following values: a) 54,000 residents (including students), b) daily water use per person of 125 gallons. Cut and paste your answers to an answer sheet that you will turn in for this project. 2) Create an array for values of sin(x) ranging from radians=0 to radians=4*pi…with 200 increments…and then plot these sin(x) values relative to the range of radian values; use the Data Cursor Tool to find the value of ‘y’ when ‘x’ is at the y=2.5*pi value; cut and paste this plot image, showing both your original plot PLUS the Data Cursor value at x=~pi into your answer sheet 3) Import the provided sets of ‘x’ and ‘y’ data (in CSV file formats), and create a corresponding x-y plot 4) Analyze the latter plot as follows:
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