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ENGR_160_Fall_2011_Section_E1_Prof_Alleman Class Project @ 25 August 2011 (Thursday) Learning Topic: Basic Spreadsheet Use Step Effort 1 Confirm your new ‘permanent’ team member You will keep this team member for the duration of the semester 2 Download the Excel spreadsheet from Blackboard: Engrg_Registration_IA.xls NOTE: the names for these individuals have been modified to protect their identity 3 Open this spreadsheet Custom sort this spreadsheet according to ‘Company Name’ 4 Analyze the following parameters: - what is the total number of registered CE engineers in the state? (NOTE: this list is only for civil engineers)
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Unformatted text preview: - how many Iowa State Univ or Iowa State University CE engineers are on this list?- how many Univ of Iowa or University of Iowa CE engineers are on this list?- how many actual faculty are on this list at each of these locations? (NOTE: ‘faculty’ includes Professors, Assoc Professors, Assistant Professors, Lecturers, and Senior Lecturers; do not count emeritus professors, students, etc.- how many of these CE engineers live in Des Moines?- who employees the most registered CE engineers in the State of Iowa; also, list the top-10 employers....
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