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2011_08_30_Class_Project_3_Excel_data_Mathcad_units - Write...

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ENGR_160_Fall_2011_Section_E1_Prof_Alleman Class Project @ 30 August 2011 (Tuesday) Learning Topic: 1) Additional Basic Spreadsheet Use 2) Mathcad Use RE: entering values and units Team Member Names: 1) _________________________________ 2) _________________________________ Step Effort 1 Download the CA_I5_traffic_data_2011.xls file 2 Open the file Open the ‘Stations’ sheet Figure out which ID number corresponds to the Pasadena data 3 Use conditional formatting to highlight (e.g., with red ‘fill’ and white, bold ‘letters’…so it is very easy to visualize) all speeds in the entire ‘Speed’ sheet for those instances where speeds were in below 25 mph (i.e., assumedly where something is causing traffic to slow significantly) 4 Visually establish when these low speeds continued for more than 3 sequential time- stamped data intervals (i.e., when this problem continued for more than a few minutes… ONLY in the Pasadena zone (i.e., so this effort does not take too much time!)
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Unformatted text preview: Write a list of what time periods these slow speeds happened…at what time period on what days? Type your answers here: 5 Visually determine if you see a pattern as to when these slow speeds are happening? Does it happen at about the same time each day, or does it seem random, etc.? Type your answer here: 6 Close Excel and open Mathcad Practice entering the following variables: Time := 66 min Distance := 53 mi 7 Ask Mathcad to calculate the corresponding velocity, where: ENGR_160_Fall_2011_Section_E1_Prof_Alleman Velocity := Distance/Time What is the answer Mathcad provides: Type the answer Mathcad provides for ‘Velocity’ here: 8 Now type in another request to print ‘Velocity’ and change the units to mi/hr Type the new answer Mathcad provides for ‘Velocity’ here: 9 Now change the original Distance from 53 mi to 53 ft Type the new answer Matchcad provides for ‘Velocity’ in mi/hr here:...
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