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ENGR_160_Fall_2011_Section_E1_Prof_Alleman Class Project @ 6 September 2011 (Tuesday) Learning Topic: 1) Learn how to use Excel’s ‘TRENDLINE’ process 2) Learn how to evaluate data using ‘TRENDLINE’ Team Member Names: 1) _________________________________ 2) _________________________________ Step Effort 1 Download the HW-5_data_set.csv 2 Open the file Note that the file has a set of ‘X-value’ data, and multiple sets of ‘Y-value’ data
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Unformatted text preview: 3 For each set of Y-data, relative to the X-data column, determine the best-fit for this dataset using ‘Trendline’ 4 For each of the optional Y-value datasets, record your final ‘Trendline’ model results, in terms of the best-fit equation, r 2 value, and relative a, b, c, etc. constant values...
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