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ENGR_160_Fall_2011_Section_E1_Prof_Alleman Class Project # 6 @ 8 September 2011 (Thursday) Learning Topic: 1) Learn how to work with Mathcad’s variables and arrays and matrixes 2) Learn how to work with Mathcad’s plotting procedures 3) Learn how to use Mathcad’s curve fitting procedures Team Member Names: 1) _________________________________ 2) _________________________________ Step Effort 1 Download the HW-6_data_set.csv 2 Open the file Note that the file has a set of ‘X-value’ data, and multiple sets of ‘Y-value’ data, ranging from ‘A’ through ‘E’ For this class project, use Mathcad to develop optimal curve fit solution equations for data
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Unformatted text preview: sets A and B. 3 Note that there is no data given for any X-value at 55 4 For each of the optional Y-value datasets, and using Mathcad to develop curve fitting solution sets for the A and B datasets…and then determine the Y-value for each when the X-value was equal to 55 I would highly recommend you plot each dataset and decide…visually…which optional curve fitting routine you feel would be best applied, and that would then derive the maximal r^2 value. 5 Record your answers for each such data set and turn in this sheet. Data set option Optimal curve fit solution equation A B...
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