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ENGR 160 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT @ 29 September 2011 Use any analytical tool you prefer to make the following determinations: 1 International Space Station water use and cost - two US astronaut at current ISS - 10L/day water use per US astronaut - $48,000 shipping cost per 0.88L via Russian resupply flights - 50% water recovery each day 2 Iowa annual concrete use (tons/year) - calculate both for concrete use with paving and housing - paving details - 13,500concrete paved highway miles in Iowa - assume two lane with @ 80%; four lane width @ 20% - 5% replacement per year
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Unformatted text preview: - 10 inches deep- 12 ft lane widths- 6 ft shoulders- housing details- 750,000 houses in Iowa- assume 5% replacement/new per year- assume 6 inch walls- assume 4 inch floor depths- assume 1200 ft^2 basement surface area (assume 30ft width by 40 ft length)- assume 8 ft wall height @ basement 3 Iowa annual starch production (tons/year)- 200 bushels of corn per acre per year- 56 lbs corn per bushel- 60% starch @ corn- Iowa land area = 300 miles x 200 miles rectangle- assume 55% land use for corn production...
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