Bugs and People Study Questions Section 1

Bugs and People Study Questions Section 1 - Bugs and People...

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Bugs and People Study Questions for Exam 1 1. Who wrote the Historia Animalium and what was in it? Aristotle-the classification of insects based on winged/wingless, the number and types of wings the insect posseses. 2. Who wrote the Historia Naturalis and what did it cover? Pliny the elder- the authoritative source on Natural History. Covered everything that exists. 3. What was the original meaning of the word “bug” A ghost or hobgoblin-something difficult to see and vaguely unpleasant. 4. Who was Carolous Linnaeus and what did he do of significance? Published “systema naturae” created the binomial system known as the Linnaean system. Names composed of genus species 5. What do Taxonomists do? Classify things into KPCOFGS: Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species. 6. What is the literal translation of the word arthropod? “jointed foot” 7. What are the 2-3 major differences between insects and spiders? 1- Insects have 3 body parts, spiders have 2 2- Insects have wings, spiders do not 3- Insects have 3 pairs of legs, spiders have 4 8. What are diplopods and Chilopods? Diplopods- millipedes Chilopods-Centipedes Differences b/w groups is not in how many legs they have, but how the legs are attached to the body. Millipedes - 2 pairs of legs per segment Centipedes -1 pair per segment 9. What is the dominant life form on Earth? Insects: class insecta 10. What is the only group of arthropods with wings? Insects Chapter 2 1. Most of the problems insects face can be traced to what? Surface area/volume ratio. : as insects get larger they have less surface area compared to their volume. 2. What is an epicuticle? Layer of the exoskeleton that is responsible for weatherproofing. Probably most inmprtant layer. 3. What are tracheae? What is ecdysis? Tracheae =respiratory system. A connection of tubes that connect to the outside through a series of openings. Ecdysis = the entire process of moulting. 4. What is the most energy intensive thing insects do? Fly 5. What two solutions to wings that do not moult did insects evolve? 1.
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Bugs and People Study Questions Section 1 - Bugs and People...

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