Bugs and People Study Questions Section 2

Bugs and People Study Questions Section 2 - Bugs and People...

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Bugs and People Study Questions Exam 2 CHAPTER 7 1. What is a parasite? What is a protelean parasite? - An animal that obtains it’s nutrition at the expense of another organism. - A protelean parasite is an organism that is only a parasite in its larval stage of life. 2. What 2 main features do Endoparasites lack? - locomotory appendages and sensory organs: Ex: Bot fly maggots lack eyes, antennae, and legs. 3. What are the three conspicuous mammals that have no parasites? - Cetaceans (whales and dolphins) - Sea Cows (manatees) - Scaly Pangolins 4. What group of organisms are the worst enemies of human health? - insects 5. What are the two basic approaches parasitic pests take to blood feeding? - 1) Vessel Feeding- Take blood directly from veins. Ex: mosquito - 2) Pool Feeding- Insect tears at tissue causing profuse bleeding. Then laps it up ex: stable fly 6. What is a “pool feeder”? - an insect who bites open skin causing blood pooling, then laps it up. 7. What is the principal food for Bee lice? -nectar from around the mouthparts of their bee hosts. 8. How do strict blood feeders avoid vitamin deficiencies? -by housing microorganisms in their body that produce the vitamins. 9. What is dermatosis? - when insects and arthropods get under a vertebrates skin. 10. What is myiasis? - when insects infest wounds 11. How might you get a cockroach out that is lodged in your nose? - using lidocaine or mineral oil to flush it out. 12. What is the single major source of injury to humans from arthropods? - envenomization is the main source of injury and death to humans from arthropods. 13. What are urticating hairs? - stinging hairs 14. How do neurotoxic and hematoxic venoms differ? - Neurotoxic- affect nerve cell function - hematoxic- break down blood cells 15. What is typhus and how is it transmitted? - a disease caused by rickettsia (an organism in between bacteria and virus). It is transmitted when a louse bites an infected person. The louse then becomes infected, and the rickettsia reproduces in the louse. The louse then defecates the rickettsia, where it dries and easily enters a humans system through the lungs or membranes of eyes, nose, and mouth. 16. How do crab lice spread among humans? - Through sexual contact 17. What is pediculoisis? - an infestation of lice 18. What is a rickettsia and who named it that? - a microorganism that is between a bacteria and a virus. It was named by Hennaves Da Rocha Lima in honor of H.T. Ricketts and Stanislav von Prowazek (both died of Typhus) 19. What kept Gustavus Adolphus and Albrecht Wenzel von Wallenstein both from capturing Nuremburg in 1632 during the Thirty Years’ War? - Their troops dying of Typhus 20. What finally stopped the advance of Napoleon’s army? -
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Bugs and People Study Questions Section 2 - Bugs and People...

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