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Bugs and People Study Guide for Test #4 Chapter 6. pgs 177-190 1. What is entomophagy? -official word for insect eating. 2. What is the ECI? -( Efficiency of conversion of ingested food).The amount of weight an animal gains per weight of food an animal eats. 3. Worldwide, what determines the most commonly consumed insects? - Those that are available in large quantities. Esp. migratory locusts or social species such as termites. 4. What was the Roman cossus ? - A grub or caterpillar that was considered a delicacy in Rome after it had been fed flour. 5. What is “Bushmen’s rice”? - A kind of ant with a long body and black head 6. In Thailand, what is maeng dana ? - A giant water bug that is sold in markets, also appeared in Cali in insect stores. 7. Where does most of the insect eating occur in the USA? - West of the Mississippi. Entomophagy was practiced in the Southwest and Mexico 8. What did V.M. Holt do in 1885 that promoted entomophagy? - Wrote a book called “why not eat insects?” argued that plant eating insects are clean, nutritious, easy to prepare, tasty, and superior to any other arthropods including shrimp and crab. 9. What did R. Kok suggest in 1983 concerning entomophagy? - Insects on board spaceships could provide valuable protein for space travelers. 10. What did Dr. Gene Defoliart publish concerning entomophogamy? - A periodical called the Food Insect Newsletter to show the scientific information on the history, culture, and feasibility of entomophagy. Chapter 9 pages 305ff.
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Bugs and People - Bugs and People Study Guide for Test#4...

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