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Unformatted text preview: Rinnie Rodenius July 1, 2011 Discussion Question 1 Racism has been a struggle in our country since it was founded, but Americans over time have learned to embrace other cultures, or at the very least tolerate them. However, the article “Samohi Wrestling with Racist Acts” challenges that idea, showing the reader that racism is unfortunately still alive in 2011. I believe that Samohi did not want to make “a big deal” about the incident in the locker room, because he didn’t want to bring more attention to himself. The experience of being locked to the locker and being called a “slave for life” would be humiliating enough in itself, but then to have to face the people who did it to you, their parents, and administrators would just add more pain. Furthermore, the fact that his mother wasn’t contacted and made aware of what her son had gone through until over 3 weeks later, I believe shows indifference on the schools part. If the situation was important to them, or if they cared enough about Samohi, they would have at least...
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