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Discussion Question 2 - Rinnie Rodenius July 7 2011...

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Rinnie Rodenius July 7, 2011 Discussion Question 2 This video shows how video games, specifically World of Warcraft, parallel events happening in real life. The 2011 earthquake in Japan is the event that this video focuses on, and relates to video games. The main rhetorical strategies that are used are Logos and Pathos, which are used in a way that is very convincing to the viewer. The emotions the images in the video pull from the viewer leave them feeling the need to help, and the hopelessness caused by the scope of the situation. One distinct example of how the video successfully correlated the video game with the earthquake was when they showed a goblin from World of Warcraft fall to his knees in agony at the grave of a loved one. Then the scene changes to an elderly Japanese woman bowing at a grave in a crowded cemetery, showing the grief that is caused in these catastrophes not only in real life, but also in video games. The
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