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ENC 1101 Discussion 4 - The argument being made by the...

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Unformatted text preview: The argument being made by the cartoon artist is that white, most likely qualified students are being denied admission to universities because their spots are being taken by minorities. This cartoon is showing the warped preferences of the admissions committees by revealing their selections of admits who will boost their image or bring in more money above those who are simply qualified. For example, the artist depicts the daughter of an alum and the son of a donor. These two might not have necessarily had the credentials of the denied student, but because they had a tie to the school, they were picked over him. Secondly, they show the soccer player and the out of state student. Just like with the previous admits, these two might not have been as qualified as our denied student, however, they were chosen over him because they have the potential to bring in more money for the school, especially the out of state student. The decision on the school’s part to pick these students over the qualified applicant who worked for his place in the school would seem unfair to the...
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