Proposal - Rinnie Rodenius Eating Disorders Problem...

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Rinnie Rodenius Eating Disorders Problem Statement The United States should educate the public through health classes about eating disorders because they have risen in the United States as a result of the “average” clothing size becoming smaller. As it is today, the fashion industry has sizing standards that leave the public confused as to what size they are. Many clothing companies have changed their sizes so that they will fit larger people and still have a small number on the tag. For exmaple, according to Wesh News, “Before 1983, a woman with a 34-inch bust, a 23-inch waist, and 34-inch hips wore a size 10. The same woman could fit into a 4 in some stores and a 2 in others (Are, 2007).” This is a deceptive way to leave the customer feeling great about themselves, however, this is not good for someone with eating disorders. It makes them believe that their “diet” is working, and since they are never satisfied with their weight they will continue their eating habits. Designers’ changing the sizes is not the only problem though. Media plays an important role in how young women view their bodies, with models having the “ideal” body. According to USA Today, the majority of models are between the ages of 14 and 19 and wear a clothing size between 2 and 4. Because young women are impressionable, this makes many of them think they need to look like models. It doesn’t help that the models are also in the same age range, giving the person suffering from eating disorders the belief that they could look just like the model. Young women try multiple ways to get the body they desire. Some are healthy such as
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Proposal - Rinnie Rodenius Eating Disorders Problem...

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