ch 9 - Chapter 9 Project Communication Tracking and...

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Chapter 9: Project Communication, Tracking, and Reporting True/False 1. Because of their capacity for capturing and disseminating data and information, IT based solutions to communications plans always represent the best solution. 2. Communication with project sponsors of unexpected negative occurrences usually will not cause a loss of credibility. 3. The project communications plan may be informal depending on the needs of the project stakeholders and the size of the project. 4. If a stakeholder has been judged to adversarial and having a vested interest in the failure of your project, it would probably be wise to keep him/her out of the communication loop. 5. Since project metrics are defined as a qualitative measurement of some attribute of the project, their measurement should reflect the subjective qualitative judgments of project leader or team members. 6. Only those attributes that have a high impact on the project are worth measuring. 7. In order to include a particular metric, validity checks of the metric should be performed first. 8. The fact that a metric is quantifiable ensures its objectivity. 9. Generally, the more metrics one adopts, the greater the project control. 10. The project team should design its own measurement system. 11. The planned value (PV) tells us how much of our project will be completed in each time increment. 12. Earned value is often referred to as the budgeted cost at completion (BAC). 13. Earned value provides a performance measurement that tells us how much of the budget we really should have spent for the work completed so far. 14. If your EV is greater than your AC, you have a positive Cost Variance. 15. As a project manager, you would be pleased see a Cost Performance Index CPI less than one (1) for your project
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16. The Schedule Performance Index (SPI) for our project is greater than one (1) and so we would anticipate that all other things being equal, our project will finish ahead of
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ch 9 - Chapter 9 Project Communication Tracking and...

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