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ch 14 - Chapter 14 Project Implementation Closure and...

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Chapter 14: Project Implementation, Closure, and Evaluation True/False 1. Project implementation focuses on installing or delivering the project’s major deliverable in the information system that was built or purchased. 2. For a project to be closed successfully, the product of the project must be formally accepted by the project sponsor or customer. 3. Immediately after the implementation, the project’s MOV should be calculated. 4. The direct cutover is the generally the least favored implementation approach. 5. The parallel implementation approach is generally considered to be the riskiest implementation approach. 6. The phased approach is generally the least expensive of the three implementation approaches. 7. Premature project closure is a characteristic of a failed project. 8. Failure to clearly define and agree on the project’s MOV may lead to a runaway or perpetual project. 9. Project termination by starvation may result from changed priorities. 10. Most of the project documentation is completed during the development phase. 11. Delivery, installation, and implementation of the information system indicate the sponsor’s acceptance of the project. 12. The final project report may be circulated to key stakeholders prior to the final meeting and presentation. 13. Once the project is accepted by the sponsor or customer, a number of administrative closure processes remain. 14. Most team members are less critical of their own performance than the project manager. 15. Individual performance reviews should provide a consensus on improving performance.
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16. Conducting the postmortem review is the responsibility of the project sponsor. 17. The project audit is the generally conducted by the project manager and project team. 18. The project MOV is usually readily determined at the close of the project.
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