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EA 252J January 2012 Hell on Earth? Chinese Writers on Modern Chinese Society Kimberly Besio Office: Lovejoy 429 Office phone: 859-4412 Home phone: 873-5518 E-mail: [email protected] Office hours: M, TH 1:00-3:00, W, 10:00-12:00, F, TBA and by appt. Course Webpage: http://www.colby.edu/personal/kabesio/hell.html Are we living in a hell on earth? This question consistently plagued 20 th century Chinese writers when contemplating their society. In this January course we will look at how Chinese writers have used literature and film to address the various political and social crises their country faced during the 20 th century as we read short stories, poetry and memoirs, and view films, written and produced between the 1920s and the 1990s. Some of the topics we will consider are changing assessments of traditional China’s cultural legacy, China’s response to modernity (often represented by the West), revolution and resistance in rural China, the Taiwan experience, the Cultural Revolution and its legacy, and the emergence of women writers in the 20 th century. The format of the course will be lecture-discussion. To encourage you to keep up with your reading almost every class session will begin with a five-minute reading quiz. During one session (a sign-up sheet is posted on our course Moodle site) you will be required to lead a small group discussion and report on your discussion to the entire class. You will also be required to post a minimum of 4 forum entries reacting to the films viewed in the afternoon class sessions. Two 3-5 page writing assignments will be required during the term (see the schedule below for due dates), and a final paper of 8-10 pages will be due the last day of the term.
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Hell_on_Earth_Syllabus - EA 252J January 2012 Hell on...

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