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Unformatted text preview: Luminescence Experiment • The reason why we do this experiment is because Calcium sulfide was found to give much brighter luminescence and we would like to test whether it is true • • • • • We would like to see how calcium create bioluminescence • We follow this formula - 2CaCO3+3S--> 2CaS+2CO2+SO2 to work on this experiment Use Oyster shells to replace calcium sulfide then we make small amount of LO salt ( potassium chloride and sodium chloride) Result: Put Strontium sulfide under a UV light and this will give us a green color Experiment: ground oyster shell with sulfar and then heat the mixture Ground the chemicals that have been heated Heat the mixture until it turned to orange And then we use calcium carbonate which it will create green color later Procedure of the experiment Put calcium Carbonate under the UV light Under UV light , it appears in green when all the room lights are off Bioluminescence Bioluminescence The production and emission of light by a living organism Convert chemical energy to light energy, create ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate ) “Bacteria, animals, fungi have special chemicals that they can mix together to produce light” Video: Living Light in the Ocean Darkness Chemistry in Bioluminescence • Luciferase • oxidative enzymes • luciferin + O2 → Oxyluciferin + light • Aequorin • from luminescent jellyfish 4 Reasons that Bioluminescence occur in nature Attract Camouflage Escape Communication Attract Avoid bring eaten Attract Food Bioluminescence will light up when attacked Bioluminescence is used as a lure to attract other fish to stay near the month Hope to attract a larger predator to eat the bully Angelfish will extend from the head of the fish attracts small animals to within striking distance of the fish Camouflage In order to find food, predator deep in the sea in the ocean will tend to spot potential victims or other creatures to be their meal for the day So the use of bioluminescence can hide or make unclear configuration the predators by matching the surrounding light and make themselves invisibles to predators Escape from the predators Spilt out bioluminescent slurry at attackers In order to confuse or repeal predators Then deep sea fish can escape from the predators and swim to other directions Being a communicator Communicate with mate by sending out sof fireflies has their ignals Species specific code Male species will send out signals Female fireflies will respond back to the signal Communicate between bacteria “Promotes the symbiotic induction of bacteria into host species” ...
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