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TOK essay plan

TOK essay plan - Pritchard argues that the search of...

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TOK essay plan Jacky Chong Duncan Pritchard argues that knowledge is fundamentally concerned with belief. If enough people believe something, it is accepted as considered to be 'knowledge'. Paul Tomassi suggests that experts are those who have studied the available evidence and who understand how best to fit together the facts and, in many cases, the contradictions. Expert does not means full knowledge or absolute authority, but it does mean a greater degree of authority over that of the average commentator on a particular subject. Plato believed that knowledge is essentially a form of perception based on true belief. Socrates suggested that this is incorrect because it is possible to base true belief on incorrect or biased information. Plato argues that "true knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing at all". All knowledge has to be considered as conditional, and based upon true belief.
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Unformatted text preview: Pritchard argues that the search of knowledge can be defined as "the competing views of experts, and their differing abilities to persuade people to follow their lead". Although facts cannot be sure to be true or not, if enough people believe they are common, they will be considered as facts or “common sense”. Two roles of experts in the search of knowledge: to analyze conflicting information and decide which views to accept and which to abandon. to present his beliefs in a way that as many people as possible will believe him. Knowledge is a highly subjective concept. Experts work as a filter, who assesses the information in a way that most people can be convinced. http://www.regentessays.com/samples/philosophy/philosophy-knowledge.html...
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