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Perception is one of the ways of knowing

Perception is one of the ways of knowing - our perception...

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Perception is one of the ways of knowing. It is the operation of accomplishing awareness and the intellection of sensation. Perception is probably our primary ways of knowing, because we’ve started to know things with our perception before we used language. However, each of our five senses have a limited range of sensitivity, which means they only give us a part of the reality’s information. Reality itself means nothing, it doesn’t mean anything to us if it is independent of our empirical of it; also, what it is in spare time is no concern of ours. So, to what extend do our senses give us knowledge of the world as it really is? We can know more about the relationship between perception and reality through three theories of reality: common sense realism, scientific realism, and phenomenalism. Common-sense realism means that the way we perceive the world reflect the way it is. However,
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Unformatted text preview: our perception is decided by the nature of our senses, so the way we see the world may not be the way it is. Therefore, we should reject common-sense realism. Scientific realism indicates that the reality exists independently, and it is different from the way we perceive it. The final one is phenomenalism. It claims that we can only know the world from human perspective and can know nothing about the ultimate reality. Through the analysis of the three theories of reality, we can conclude that the world through our perception is different from the world of reality. In conclusion, the extent of the knowledge of reality our senses give us is what we know now, what our senses can’t give us about the reality is infinite....
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