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How reliable is eyewitness testimony as a primary source

How reliable is eyewitness testimony as a primary source -...

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How reliable is eyewitness testimony as a primary source? A primary source is an information that is recorded by some one who was there at the time. Therefore, an eyewitness testimony is is very likely a primary source, because someone must be there to eyewitness the event. The first-hand accounts of individuals who witnessed (including eyewitness) the events. Therefore, primary sources are often described as the “bedrock of history”. For these reason, to determine the reliability of history, we first need to evaluate the reliability of witness, which includes eyewitness testimony. Is eyewitness testimony? No, it’s not., because there are a lot of questions with it: First, is the real meaning of the eyewitness statement different from its literal meaning? Are the senses of words at that time different from today? Is the statement ironic, in which it means other than it says? Second, how well could the eyewitness observe the event he recorded? Was his location ideal for witnessing? Did he have the proper ability for observation: did he understand the language? What
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