Ethics is a branch of philosophy

Ethics is a branch of philosophy - Ethics is a branch of...

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Ethics is a branch of philosophy, which is also know as moral philosophy. When studying ethics, we try to address questions about morality, for example, concepts like good and bad, right and wrong, justice, virtue, etc. It seems that there is no universal ethic. There are always ethical and moral differences between people. For example, somebody think euthanasia is acceptable, while others believe people who are euthanatized will go to hell, just like people who commit suicide. We were all born the same; our minds are just like pieces of blank paper. However, why are there ethical and moral differences between us? We can explore this question deeply through studying the moral relativism. Moral relativism is regarding the differences in moral or ethical judgments between different people and cultures. According to moral relativism, there is no universal value. Our values and beliefs depends the society we grow up in. That is why we have ethical and moral differences even we were all the same when we were born. People of different ages and generations have different
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