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assessment - Q.2 Knowledge claims are produced by...

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Q.2 Knowledge claims are produced by particular people, at particular times and places, and under particular circumstances. They may be more or less widely accepted or contested; and more importantly, they may be more or less objective, but according to some, they can never be entirely objective. Throughout the article, quite a few of knowledge claims are made. The writer mostly used authority as evidence, but not often used real life data as evidence to the knowledge claims. I have identified five examples. First, the writer claims that “the internet is dumbing down students’ studies”. The writer’s evidence for this claim is a cyber study. Standing from an authority perspective, the study said, “Society is dumbing down”. Second, the writer claims that students “don’t appear to be putting the huge amount of easily accessible information to best use”. The writer’s evidence for this claim is also the cyber study. The cyber study claims that students “often printed out pages with no more than a glance at them.” Third, the writer claims that older surfers
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