Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart - also foreshadows his decay Perhaps even...

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“Things Fall Apart” – Quiz – Correction 1 Jacky Chong This quote is the last paragraph of chapter seventeen. This is quote is significant in terms of both plot and thematic development because it foreshadows how Okonkwo’s character flaws, especially his pride and anger, leads to his tragic ending. Okonkwo believes that manliness and mercilessness are the same thing. Throughout the story, Okonkwo is frequently symbolized as and resembling “fire”. While sitting beside a log fire, he saw the “living fire” turning into “impotent ash, which
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Unformatted text preview: also foreshadows his decay. Perhaps even more importantly, this quote reveals that Okonkwo realizes his fire of savagery is burning everything beside him into ash. Okonkwo, as a superior man, sees the gradual decay of all his most valuables caused by the environment and his own character flaws. Thats what makes him a classic tragic hero....
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