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The phrase “felt myself a pure part of the abyss” highlights the connection between the poet and the nature. The poet reveals that he is greatly touched by the beauty of nature and poetry. Pablo Neruda honestly reveals his inexperience and immaturity as a poet throughout the poem. The repetition of “pure” helps developing the theme of purity. The poet’s tone of uncertain throughout the poem implies his naivety. The poet’s use of celestial imagery contributes to the praise to nature. The irregular structure of the poem conveys the uncertainty of the poet. “Arrows, fire and flowers” in line 36 mirror the truth of human condition. The immensity of the universe contrasts sharply with the infinitesimal of human. “Violent fire” in line 10 conveys that the poet lives in a period of war and revolution. The “something” mentioned in line 18 implies an unnamed source of inspiration.
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Unformatted text preview: The sound of “night wind revolves(ing) in the sky” creates a frosty atmosphere. The repetition of “distance” develops the theme of distance. The use of diction in “The Send-Off” sarcastically contrasts with its overall tone. The repetition of the first line Neruda employs throughout the poem provides thematic unity. The contradiction between line 6 and line 9 mirrors the rise and fall of love. The military imagery in “The Send-Off” creates tension that reflects the sorrow of war. Neruda establishes the tone of loneliness and silence by employing imagery of night. Neruda depicts himself as an inexperienced poet in “Poetry”. The epiphany in line 28 highlights the poet’s sudden realization and enlightenment on composing poetry....
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