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The narrator - questions shows that she wants to know more...

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Maxine Hong Kingston’s narrative voice in Woman Warrior Jacky Chong The narrator’s attempt to explore the crisis of her identity as an Chinese-American is shown by the story’s narrative voice. The narrator and her generation are the first-generation Chinese-Americans. They need to navigate and balance between two cultures in order to live with a unique identity. Due to the narrator’s lack of cognition about China, her curiosity and her imagination, she is always pacing between reality and fantasy. The division and crisis between the narrator’s doubled-identity is reflected by her frequent changes of narrative voice. The narrator asked, “What is Chinese tradition and what is the movies?” These
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Unformatted text preview: questions shows that she wants to know more about China from the perspective of a native-born American. She also said, When we Chinese girl; discrepantly, she considers herself as a Chinese sometimes. To make herself sound like an American, she occasionally uses some American vernacular, like tits-and-ass. Incompatibly, she also tries to be polite and humble, just like a Chinese girl. Yes, I have, I said out of politeness. Thank you. These frequent changes of word choice, attitude and perspective in her narrative voice shows that she is not sure about who she wants to be and who she really is....
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