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The function of Scene 3 in

The function of Scene 3 in - Stanley’s side Mitch and...

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The function of Scene 3 in “A Streetcar Named Desire Jacky Chong Scene Three emphasizes on Stella and Stanley’s union. Throughout this scene, Stanley gives an impression of a villain. For example, he “gives a loud whack of his hand on Stella’s thigh”, which is very disrespectful. Stanley shouts “STELLA!” like a beast to beg for her return. Stanley keeps abusing Stella and audience is very likely to believe that Blanche cares about Stella more than Stanley does. Even though, Stella still stands on
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Unformatted text preview: Stanley’s side. Mitch and Blanche have affection towards each other. They share several similarities. Blanche lost her husband while Mitch lost the girl he loved. Both of them need to take care of their sick parents. However, they also have differences. Mitch’s experiences make him sincere, but Blanche’s make her insincere. Blanche is focused on spiritual thoughts, but Mitch is focused on practical actions....
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