The card game symbol in The Sorrow Of War

The card game symbol in The Sorrow Of War - physically and...

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Paragraph: The playing card symbol in The Sorrow Of War Jacky Chong Card game is a symbol of the Vietnam War, while the playing card is a symbol of the soldiers involved in the war. In fact, the idea of every game ever played come from war, for example: poker, chess and sports games. Normally, four people play a card game, and each one holds thirteen cards. The thirteen cards symbolizes Kien’s “entire platoon of thirteen” (p. 9). The set of cards is now “torn” and “dirty” (p. 9) after infinite plays, just like the soldiers become
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Unformatted text preview: physically and mentally worn out after the infinite nightmares of war. There is an irony in this symbol. War is the most horrible nightmare to the soldiers, but they actually enjoy playing card games. In reality, the war is always controlling their life and soul. They can only gain control over something in the world of game. From this, we can see how war has deprived the soldiers of the control over ones life and soul....
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