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Household Gods

Household Gods - Commentary – “Household Gods” Jacky...

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Unformatted text preview: Commentary – “Household Gods” Jacky Chong “Household Gods”, from The Pattern of Poetry , is written by Philip Hobsbaum in 1962. With the title itself being a pun of “household goods”, the poem is about some personified household items conveying, in first-person, their feeling upon the broken relationship between the household. There are several changes and contrasts in the poem, which allude the broken relationship and the departure of the household, and also portray the theme that everything loses it’s purpose and become meaningless without the existence of people and affection. The title of the poem, “Household Gods”, is a homophone of “household goods”. Several household items are personified to be some spirits, which are referred to “Gods”. In the poem, these household items convey, in first-person, their sorrow for the household’s shattered relationship and their departure from the house. The mug mourns that “the kiss” which once “warm [its] clay” is gone (line 10, 11); the walls which have once been painted are now “peeling”...
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