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Correction to the paragraph written in class

Correction to the paragraph written in class - whites This...

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Correction to the paragraph written in class Jacky Chong The use of contrasting elemental imagery in line 3 of “Still here” conveys the torture the speaker receives as a slave of the whites. Serving as an allusion to slavery, the line depicts how African- American slaves are required to work without adequate clothing in winter and sufficient sheltering in summer before the Civil Rights Movement. As contrasting hyperboles, the words ‘friz’ and ‘baked’ emphasize both physical and mental damages done to the African-American slaves by the
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Unformatted text preview: whites. This line is also a symbol of the whites’ attitudes towards the black people. Attempting to ‘stop’ the black people from ‘laughin’’, ‘lovin’’ and ‘livin’’, the whites have tried to mock and isolate them coldly and beat them angrily; but no matter what they do, the black people are ‘still here’, and their souls are still undefeatable....
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