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Term Noun Pronoun Verb Adjective Adverb Preposition Conjunction Interjection Examples get, have sudden in (a) ~ / ~ to Imagery by a . .. ~ Metaphor appropriate, apt, striking / mixed / Motif apparent / central / curious compose, write brilliant, clever / cruel / grotesque Repetition use . .. ~ exact / frequent / constant, endless ~ of Blues is a musical form that uses a lot of repetition. Rhyme ~ scheme internal / half / nonsense / nursery Symbolism Tone Flashback (analeptic reference) the story is told in flashback; I had a sudden flashback to the time immediately after the war. draw on an ~, use an ~ powerful, resonant, telling, vivid / slick / popular / visual / mental / religious, sexual the vivid visual imagery of dreams; the slick imagery of rock stardom; drawing on popular imagery from newspapers and magazines; Illustration may come between the text and the reader's own mental imagery. Irony (contextual) a hint; touch; trace of ~ great, heavy / gentle / bitter, cruel, tragic / neat, nice / final, supreme, ultimate / dramatic She tried to ignore the heavy irony in his voice; She congratulated him with gentle irony; It's a nice irony that the Minister of Transport missed the meeting because her train was delayed; The final irony was that he became
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