A glance through the window

A glance through the window - then tore the paper into...

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A glance through the window Jacky Chong The weather seemed to be reflecting my depressed mood. Spontaneously, I paced to the windowsill, numbly glanced at the raindrops outside. The rain was not heavy, but the raindrops were ironically plump. They leisurely dropped from the dull sky. I stared at them so hard, as though I was seeing the shadow of my childhood in them… When I was young, I lived with my grandma in Harbin. Just like other kids, I did not behave very well when having meals; I simply didn’t eat. My grandma worried about me a lot. Since one day on, though I did not remember which, every time I had my meal, my grandma would sit beside the windowsill, with a bowl of rice and a few pieces of paper in one hand, and me in the other. She
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Unformatted text preview: then tore the paper into squares and folded them into cross-shape. “What are you doing, grandma?” I curiously asked. “You will know soon. Look!” The cross-shaped paper fell out the window from grandma’s rugged hand, leisurely rotating like a propeller. I laughed. My grandma quickly stuffed a spoonful of rice into my mouth. Like raindrops, cross-shaped paper fell into the courtyard piece by piece. Finally, I finished my meal, but my grandma was completely exhausted. I tried to reach for the raindrop, but my hand is blocked by a thin slice of transparent glass....
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