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8 sentences - from a flower shop and ends up living with...

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Jacky Chong 1. Yoshimoto is an open-minded person; that is, she explores the sensitive issue of transsexuality in her novel. 2. Kitchen is a popular and well-liked novel; that is, it won two of Japan’s most classic literary prizes. 3. The protagonist of Kitchen is a young Japanese woman called Mikage Sakurai; that is, she is struggling to conquer the death of her grandmother. 4. Kitchen focuses on food; that is, it is a reflection of the life of a young Japanese woman and her exploration of food and love. 5. Mikage Sakurai, who is still under great depression, gradually grows close to a young man
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Unformatted text preview: from a flower shop and ends up living with him and his transsexual mother. 6. When Yuichi tells Mikage that Eriko is actually his father, that she has changed her sex, Mikage shows great surprise. 7. Mikage’s affection for the kitchen, which is “the place I (she) like best in the world”, reveals that she needs warmth and food to comfort herself. 8. During their first conversation, the beauty of Eriko, which makes Mikage understands the word “charm”, is more like magic than physical....
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